Traditional Xhosa Wedding – Xolisa & Zuki

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Traditional Xhosa Wedding

It was in Gwiligwili village that Xolisa & Zuki had their traditional Xhosa wedding. A small village near King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape. A very memorable wedding and I always love traditional Xhosa weddings.I had only spoken to Xolisa over the phone and it was only on the wedding day that I finally got to meet him and his beautiful bride. From the time we arrived at this traditional Xhosa wedding we were made to feel so welcome. Out at the back the sheep and goats had already been slaughtered and were already in the pot, with a festive vibe in the air. Being a traditional Xhosa wedding I was offered more food than I knew what to do with, as well as the home brewed corn beer. Which I always decline as I have never developed much of a liking to it. Xolisa prepared himself at his house while Zuki was getting ready down the road. And after a small delay Xolisa was on his way to fetch his bride with most of the village in tow. From that point on the singing and dancing took over and the wedding was gathering momentum.  I really love photographing traditional Xhosa weddings, they are just so festive and colourful. Everybody seems to just forget about everything and focus completely on the wedding.

Unfortunately things started running a little late and for the bridal photos we just made it in time before the sunset. Most of the bridal photos were eventually taken in the dark at a dam about 30 minutes drive from Gwiligwili. But we made the most of the light that was left to us and managed to get some really great shots of the married couple. I must thank Xolisa & Zuki for making us part of the day and letting us share it with you. This was one traditional Xhosa wedding I most definitely will not forget. Well done guys ūüôā

Traditional Xhosa Wedding of Xolisa & Zuki

Traditional Xhosa Wedding

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Photographic Assistant: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location: Gwiligwili Village, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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