Wedding Photography

When it comes to bridal wedding photography there really are no rules. In my experience the most important aspect is the chemistry between the couple being photographed. Yes you can stage a dramatic shot with perfect lighting but if the energy between the subjects are missing, then its just a beautiful photo you are taking. When I look at a photo that I’ve taken of a bridal couple I want to see their souls connecting on some weird karmic plane. Their bodies must say it, their eyes must say it, everything about them must be in that moment and for each other. Then your going to get a great shot. That is why it so important to choose a photographer allows you to feel comfortable enough to reveal yourselves to him or her. Having said that I am not a fan of placing people in positions they normally would not assume or asking them to do things they would not normally do. My belief is that if you feel comfortable you will look comfortable. The way I construct images and particularly bridal wedding photography, is done in a very natural and organic way – all to try and capture you in that moment that you will never be in again.

I hope these bridal wedding images inspired you and maybe gave you some ideas of your own. Of course a lot depends on the weather on the day of your wedding as well as where you choose to have your bridal wedding photography taken. Sometimes you get lucky and everything comes together and sometimes you just have to be as creative as possible. There is always a shot you just need to look for it. Or try not to look for it too hard and just feel the energy of the moment.

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