Adelaide Wedding of Dave & Carol

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Adelaide wedding - Photo & Video by Henry Dillon Photo & Video

I really love to travel, and the best part is when you meet really amazing people in really cool towns. Dave and Carol got married in Adelaide in the Eastern Cape. And it would be safe to say that if you lived in Adelaide.  The ceremony was held at the family farm just outside of Adelaide. A majestic setting where the job of taking great photos just came so easily. A task definitely simplified even further by the beautiful bride. and handsome groom. The weather in Adelaide was fantastic and everything worked out just perfectly. We were even graced by one of those incredible sunsets that only the Eastern Cape can deliver – blood red and ever expanding. For the bridal photos we drove to a area that Carol had chosen. The  location offered beautiful views of the surrounding areas well as plenty of lovely vegetation.

The wedding reception was held in a semi open farm shed near the farm. Well done to you Carol on planning the decor. Being a man who appreciates good food, I have to say –  hats of to the man responsible for preparing the Gammon. One of the best I’ve had in a long time, and well done to DJ Shane for rocking that shed to it’s core. I’m sure they had to bring in some experts to check the soundness of the foundation the next day. Great wedding, with great people. In a great setting, with a great vibe. Well done Dave and Carol and all the best for the future.

Dave & Carol’s Wedding in Adelaide

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Wedding Videographer: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location: Adelaide, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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