Martha & Ashly’s Wedding Photos

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Wedding Photos of Martha & Ashley in Port Elizabeth

Love love love the wedding photos! Thank you so much they amazing!… Martha

Martha & Ashley’s wedding photos were all taken at a wedding venue in Port Elizabeth. They were married on very hot day in December and from the first time I met them both I knew I was going to enjoy taking the wedding photos of at their wedding. All of the bridal photos were taken in and around the wedding venue.. The more I shoot weddings the more enjoy them. Having done a lot of documentary photography I found the switch to wedding photography very easy. Everything happens only once so you need to get it right the first time. And there is so much to consider when taking a photo. From composition to aperture – it all needs to be considered. You almost need to anticipate things before they happen, or you will miss the moment. Or not capture it the way you want to. Some weddings are tricky and some are incredibly easy. the wedding of Martha and Ashley I would have to say was pretty easy. And that I think was mainly due to the couple being so easy to work with. Myself & Michele really enjoyed being part of your wedding day and thanks as well to all your family and friends for making us feel so welcome.

Martha & Ashly’s Wedding Photos

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Wedding Videographer & Photographic Assistant: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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