Why you should use a photo & Video team

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With so many choices of photographers and videographers out there. We decided to let it all hang out and tell you why wedding photo & video couples are better then hiring an individuals.

So you wondering why you should take the below advice from a couple that is clearly self promoting?

Yes, we are a photo and video couple. But we are also a married couple that has worked together capturing wedding moments for over 10 years. We have worked with many different vendors and have also captured weddings from many cultures. It is from these experiences as well as our own that brings me here to 3 reasons why you should you hire a photography and videography team instead of two companies?

Wedding Day Teamwork

A wedding photography and videography team know each others needs, They communicate with each other in a way that is natural and has been refined over years of shooting weddings together. What this means is that they can focus on you and your wedding day. They have the same goals and objectives creating an energy on your wedding day that is stress free. And they both understand what the other person needs to get the best footage.

Story Telling

When you choose a wedding team for your wedding day to photograph and video your memories the result is a cohesive story of your wedding day. Wedding teams have the same style and work process. This is developed over years of working together and creating wedding story’s together for couples that represents their entire wedding day captured for the unique personalties of the wedding couple.

Lower Costs

By working with a wedding team especially – and wedding couple, the cost of the package is almost always lower. A wedding team pools resources while encouraging each other to produce great work! They travel together and instead of dealing with various service providers… it just comes down to one.