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Engagement photography Port Elizabeth

Why have an Engagement Photo Shoot?

An Engagement Photo shoot is all about capturing that special thing that makes your relationship unique. The idea and concept of each Engagement Photography shoot should be completely constructed around you. It should always be fun & is one of the best services to take advantage of before your wedding day. It gives you the chance of developing a relationship with your photographer long before your wedding day. I always recommend using the same photographer for both your Engagement Photo shoot as well as your wedding day. It  also gives your photographer a chance to get to know you, understand your personalities, as well as what kind of energy you as a couple give off in front of the lens. Essentially discovering what makes you unique as a couple.

This also might be the first time you are being professionally photographed – so it gives you the chance of getting comfortable in front of a camera.

So firstly decide on which photographer you would like to use for your wedding day, once this is done do your Engagement Photo shoot as soon as you can. Your wedding day will creep up on you before you realize it and finding time to squeeze in an engagement shoot will become more and more difficult.

The images should mean as much to you as possible so the choice of location is also very important. Try and get your engagement photos done in an environment you are comfortable in, or which has some significance to you both. It could be the place where you got engaged or possibly somewhere you both like to spend quality time. But where ever it is – it should once again reflect you.
It might also be a great time to have your hair and make up test done, see exactly how it will look through the lens and give you plenty of time to let your hair and make-up person know if there is anything you would like to change.

If you see your engagement images & you are excited about them it will give you confidence in your photographer and hopefully you will be that little more excited about having your picture taken on your wedding day.

What can you do with your Engagement Photos?

  • You can use them in your wedding invitations
  • You can send one in to your local newspaper to announce your marriage
  • Have a wedding guest book designed – using your engagement photos
  • They can be used in your wedding program, wedding invitations, or in your save-the-date card
  • If you are planning a wedding website your engagement photos will be incredibly useful
  • You can project the images on your wedding day at the ceremony or reception
  • They can be used in your table decorations

What ever you decide to do with your engagement photos, the most important thing is that you enjoy the entire process, and remember that it’s about so much more than just the pictures. It’s about getting to know your photographer who is going to play a vital role on your wedding day, it’s about getting you excited about your wedding day and most of all it’s about the two of you. So make it fun, get creative and make a memory that is solidly based around your love for one another.

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