Danre & Bianca at Slipperfields

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slipperfilds wedding photo & video

One of the most excited brides I have ever met must be Bianca. And what an amazing Slipperfields wedding it turned out to be! We started our journey with the Danre & Bianca nearly a year before their actual wedding by doing their wedding engagement shoot. Which produced some really great engagement photos. They really captured their personalities and also gave a great opportunity of getting to know these two wonderful people.

By the time the wedding arrived everything had fallen into place just perfectly. The venue, which was Slipperfields just outside of Port Elizabeth, looked amazing. All the little details had been thought about and executed with military precision. We arrived to find a super exited bride with her equally excited bridesmaids ready for action. After some beautiful photos of the girls we shot across to the get some really fun photos of the guys getting ready and then it was all systems go. After a beautiful wedding ceremony it was time for more photography. We took all the family photos including the bridal photos in and around Slipperfields Wedding Venue. The weather played along, the light was beautiful and the slightly brown winter grass made for some stunning photos.

I am one of those wedding photographers who definitely prefers quality over quantity when it comes to wedding or any photography. I would rather work on a shot to get it looking super great than run around trying to get a bunch of mediocre images in the same time frame. It was a great wedding shoot and everything came together just perfectly. I can honestly recommend Slipperfields as a venue, not just for the wedding venue itself but also for the surrounding environment.

Thank you Bianca & Danre for letting us share your very special Slipperfields wedding day with you. We truly enjoyed ourselves and felt very privileged to capture your wonderful wedding memories for you.

I can’t tell you how impressed we all are with the wedding & engagement photos! Henry & Michele! I am speechless!!! Thank you thank you thank you. You and Michele made Danre feel so comfortable in front of the camera and the results are absolutely amazing…