Dennis & Eugene at The Plantation

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Being a photographer has allowed me to meet some wonderful people. Dennis & Eugene are perfect examples of that. Their wedding was held at The Plantation in Port Elizabeth, a venue I love photographing in. From the moment we arrived Eugene was full of excitement for the day that lay ahead. What woman wouldn’t be when you’re marrying a man like Dennis. I don’t recall seeing anything else other than a huge smiles permanently displayed on both their faces. The weather was pristine and as always the venue looked amazing.

No sooner was the bridal preparation complete and we were in the chapel waiting fro the bride to make her entrance. The look on Dennis’s face as Eugene walked down the isle was priceless. A breathtaking image she was indeed, and a delight to photograph. It was a beautiful ceremony with just the right amount of emotion to make everybody who was there feel a little soft inside. I’ve been a photographer for many years and I still get a little tender when I see so much love in a room. With the ceremony over it was time for the family photos and bridal photography. For the bridal photography we stayed at The Plantation which offers quite a few options for a wedding photographer.
A great wedding indeed, and I felt truly privileged to be the photographer. I now Michele really enjoyed this wedding as well and the video footage she captured really encompassed the essence of the day. So well done Dennis  and Eugene, may the love you guys have for each other grow with each day and all the best for the future.

And thank you for letting us capture all the amazing wedding memories through our lenses.