Music Videos

Below are some of the examples of music videos we have done. And artists we have had the privilege of working with. Our aim when it comes to music videos is simple – keep the costs down. By coming up with creative and effective concepts we always manage to produce videos that reflect the song. Which is what a music video should always be about. Thanks to all the bands and keep on grooving. We look forward to the next video we get to do with you guys.

WAVES – Black South Easter

Music Video: Waves
Artist: Black South Easter
Filming & Editing: Henry Dillon

MANY MILES – The Brothers

Music Video: Many Miles
Artist: The Brothers
Filming & Editing: Henry Dillon

For more information about getting your video done give us a call. It’s one of the things we love doing most and look forward to working with you on yours.

Music Video Production for the love of it!