Family Photo Shoots

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Family Photo shoots in Jeffreys Bay and Cape st Francis

In today’s world with easy access to digital photography you are probably wondering why you would want a family photo shoot? Or even why a professional photography shoot at all? The answer is simple and its going to be fun. Here are 3 reasons to book a family photo shoot the next time your whole family is together.

Its a fun way to spend time with your family, goofing around playing and just being in each others company makes for laughs and stories for years to come.

Happy memory photo making. When you book a family photo shoot with a professional photographer you and your family and just be yourselves and enjoy the memory you are all creating together. With a professional photographer your families personalities will come through in the photos. You will always have those moments spent together to look back on and cherish no matter how times passes.

Every year we all change a little some more then others. A family photo shoot is a great way to capture the passing time. As well as celebrate your family.

As a Photographer, looking back I realize that I have spent more time capturing other peoples lives than my own. Each time I do a family photo shoot, and deliver the final images to my client I feel a little jealous that I don’t really have those kinds of photos. This is because I’m always behind the lens. So a part of me is very aware of how special the memories that I’m delivering really are. Another photographer friend of mine always said “You’re never going to look the same as you do now… so take the photo”

Jeffreys Bay Family Photo Shoot
Jeffreys Bay’s beaches are perfect for your holiday family photo shoot
Cape St Francis Family Photo shoot on the beach
Family Photo Shoots – always meant to be fun