Sergio & Tasquane’s wedding

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andante wedding in Port Elizabeth

Andante is a wedding venue situated in Port Elizabeth. This was our first time shooting a wedding at this venue and I’m sure its going to become a very popular venue with couples. I met Tasquane for the fist time a few days before the wedding. Until then all our correspondence had been electronic. We went through all the details of the and after the meeting I thought to myself. “This is going to be a wonder wedding indeed.” I loved Tasquane’s energy and when I finally met Sergio on the day I could see why they make such a wonderful couple.

It was a stunning day for a wedding. The bride and groom looked immaculate and both were bubbling over with excitement. The ceremony was held in a very quaint little chapel at the venue. If you are thinking of considering Andante as your venue I would recommend that you make sure the time of day does not coincide with with the sun shining directly into the chapel. It made it very tricky to photograph. I can imagine it not being pleasant for the couple who end up standing directly in the sun. But we worked around it and after a very beautiful and meaningful ceremony we commenced with the family photos and straight into the bridal photography.

We remained at Andante for the photo’s as the venue offers very nice locations for photography. I always prefer this as it saves so much time traveling between locations to get a good shot.
The reception was magical and the venue looked amazing. The guests were all in super high spirits and some great speeches were delivered. It embodied everything a great wedding reception should consist of. Thank you Sergio & Tasquane for letting us share the day with you guys and choosing us as your wedding photograher and wedding videographer. All the best for the future, I’m certain its going to be nothing short of amazing!