Helpful Wedding Tips for Your Day…

Hello and welcome to this section of our website. Below are some wedding tips from our experiences as a wedding Photographer and Videographer to guide you on your big day. We often notice that small things can make a huge difference to make sure everything goes smoothly and ensure that we can give you exactly what you want from your wedding photo’s as well as your video.

Wedding tips for your pre-wedding photo & video

  • wedding tips for your wedding dayWe recommend that this hour is used to photograph you the bride getting ready with your bridesmaids. Make-up being done the fun moments in between as well as getting the dress on. It is usually a time of great excitement and nerves, which is why portraiture on location is not recommended within this hour, it is better to take these photos during the bridal portraiture when you are more relaxed. We also find that everyone is ready as it is time to walk out the door, remember your photographer and videographer need to arrive at the church a minimum of 15 minutes before you, so they set up and photograph the Groom and Best men before the bride arrives.
  • Photographing the groom before the time. A great idea in theory but the practice is not as romantic, our experience is that the men get ready 5 minutes before they leave for the church. Not really giving enough time to get the photos that one would expect. What we recommend here is that we allocate 10 min to photograph the groom and the best men at the church before the bride arrives. This also allows for your photographer and video person to set up lighting requirements. This all does of course depend on where everyone is getting ready and the time available. If images before the time are really important to you then time just needs to be allocated for them.
  • If you would like the Groom and Best men photographs before the time ensure that you are both getting ready in close proximity and that the Groom gets dressed before the bride as this time slot is shared between the two of you.

Family Photos

  • Wedding tips for wedding photo & video by Henry Dillon Photo & videoMake a list of the people and combinations of the family members that you would like to have photos with on the day. Remember that family photos and bridal portraiture are allocated within the same time slot so when doing your schedule for the day it is recommended that time is allocated separately for these photo’s, depending on the size of your family and your expectations for your bridal photography. The time slots are then added together. Talk to your photographer about your needs and give them the time to produce the work that you are hiring
  • Give this list to someone that knows your family to get the people ready for the photos as they come up this will help the day run smoothly as less time is spent looking for family members.
  • Inform the family members that will be in your family photos on the day before the time. If you have family members that you consider awesome but are not blood related (for example your brothers girlfriend) they will know to stay behind and not slink away to join the guests due to not being family.
  • When doing your scheduling for your wedding consider the time of year and when the best light would be, this must be discussed with your photographer. This will help you get the best natural light for your photography and also give you a point to organise the rest of your day.
  • Consider the location of your bridal photography; for example if you would love to have your photo’s taken in a forest but to get to the closest forest is a 20 minute drive then you need to add this travel time to the time located to photography.
  • Take a picnic basket with you for the bridal portraiture. Organise with your wedding planner or the venue that they put together a basket for you and your bridal party for when we go on location, you can also put this together yourselves. This keeps your blood sugar up and keeps you hydrated.
  • Food for thought, bring comfy shoes if needed on location, if its a hot day bring an umbrella so that your make-up does not melt in the sun.
  • No unnecessary people on location shoot with bride and groom
  • Try and discourage guests walking around taking photos during ceremony, they always get in the way and and often cast unwanted shadows that they are unaware of.
  • Be aware of the camera
  • Consider the layout of the venue and reception hall carefully.
But if you want any more advice or wedding tips we’ll be happy to let you know what we have found that works and what does not, because it’s all meant to be incredibly fun and memorable.

Please not though that these are general wedding tips and they might not apply to your wedding day.

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