Uyanda & Mumsy’s Wedding in Grahamstown


As a photographer sometimes things work out so perfectly that you really have to stop and just appreciate. It was a Sunday on Grahamstown, the sun was shining, not a breath of wind, and all the Jacaranda leaves had fallen like a purple snow on the ground. It was almost impossible to point a camera anywhere without getting a beautiful photograph.And it was on this perfect day that Uyanda and Mumsy said “I do” to each other. I really enjoyed doing the post production on their wedding images as the colours I had to work with were already so vibrant. I chose to keep the vibrancy of most of the shots and just played with what was already there, just tweaking things a little to make the photos look a touch surreal. The ceremony was held in a majestic old cathedral hall while the reception was held at a game farm just outside Grahamstown. I had not had the opportunity to meet either of them prior to the wedding day and but the couple were so relaxed and easy to work with that it was as if we were old friends from a previous life.

Well done Uyanda and Mumsy for putting together your wedding from so far away, and thanks for making the shoot such a pleasure. And Uyanda if I do win the lotto I will do as I said I would… hopefully it’ss really soon even though you just basically got married.

Uyanda_wedding_16 Uyanda_wedding_25 Uyanda_wedding_68 Uyanda_wedding_113 Uyanda_wedding_114 Uyanda_wedding_125 Uyanda_wedding_126 Uyanda_wedding_128 Uyanda_wedding_129 Uyanda_wedding_137 Uyanda_wedding_152 Uyanda_wedding_171 Uyanda_wedding_178 Uyanda_wedding_182 Uyanda_wedding_189 Uyanda_wedding_201 Uyanda_wedding_208 Uyanda_wedding_225 Uyanda_wedding_233 Uyanda_wedding_237 Uyanda_wedding_239 Uyanda_wedding_246 Uyanda_wedding_248 Uyanda_wedding_253 Uyanda_wedding_255 Uyanda_wedding_263 Uyanda_wedding_269 Uyanda_wedding_276 Uyanda_wedding_357 Uyanda_wedding_370 Uyanda_wedding_461 Uyanda_wedding_472 Uyanda_wedding_474 Uyanda_wedding_478 Uyanda_wedding_494 Uyanda_wedding_516 Uyanda_wedding_522 Uyanda_wedding_523 Uyanda_wedding_535

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Videographer & Photographic Assistant: Michele Dillon

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