Robertson Wedding – Craig & Rene

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Traveling is one of the things I love most about doing wedding photography and video. Eespecially when it’s to beautiful areas of South Africa. This time it was to Robertson in the Western Cape where Craig and René were getting married. [quote-float]Blown” away is putting it mildly!!!   YOU ARE THE BEST !!!! Thank you once again Henry for the best photo’s ever.[/quote-float] We arrived early on the afternoon of the wedding with enough time to take a slow tour of the area. We and found some places we intended to use for the bridal photography, and there were plenty. The wedding was held outside at the Kliplapa. Ironically René’s mother now owns and runs this venue near Robertson. The Kliplapa is surrounded by beautiful trees and forest areas as well as farm lands. Stream and higher mountains can also be found, and right down the road is even a brewery. It was a wonderful wedding to photograph and do the video for. The weather was perfect and the setting amazing. For the bridal photography we used various locations all in close proximity to the venue. One of Rene’s final images was eventually chosen to be used on the cover of a Bridal magazine. A testament to how radiant she looked on her wedding day. Well done René and Craig and well done on making the cover of that bridal magazine. The photo looks great but the bride looks even better. Myself and Michele wish the two of you all the best for the future. And thanks for letting us share your day with you at the Kliplalpa in Robertson.

Craig & René’s wedding in Robertson

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Craig & Rene’s Robertson Wedding

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Videographer & Photographic Assistant: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location: Kliplapa in Robertson, Western Cape, South Africa

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