Port Elizabeth Wedding of Malcolm & Chantelle

Port Elizabeth Wedding of Malcolm & Chantelle
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Malcolm and Chantelle are a South African couple living in Australia who were married in Port Elizabeth. Apart from a quick cup of coffee with Malcolm many months before most of our communication was done electronically. It was only 2 days prior to the wedding in Port Elizabeth that I had the chance to finally meet this beautiful bride to be.

Her excitement for her wedding day was contagious and it had been with a very tentative breath that I had broken the news to her that the weather predictions for the day were rather ominous and down right bleak. This was the second time that I had made a bride cry with this kind of news. But rather be prepared and know than wake up on the day and realize that what you planned for your wedding day is not conducive to the days weather. With this in mind we sat down to discuss the photo & video for the day. We decided that instead of fighting the weather we would rather work with. Play with umbrellas and gumboots and maybe even dance in the rain a bit.

It turned out to be an epic wedding despite of the weather. La Coleen is a wedding venue in Port Elizabeth that has many photographic options. The chapel can be turned in to a studio quite easily on rainy days. So the majority of the bridal photos were taken in and around the chapel itself. Thanks to both of you for making the shoot so much fun and for sharing your wedding day with us. Good luck in Australia and hopefully we’ll see you guys back in South Africa soon.

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Port Elizabeth Wedding of Malcolm & Chantelle

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Wedding Photographic Assistant: Michele Hofer
Wedding Video: Michele Hofer
Wedding Location: La Coleen wedding venue – Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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