Renier & Natasha’s Wedding in Port Elizabeth


I always enjoy doing weddings at La Colline in Port Elizabeth, which is where Renier & Natasha got married. There are plenty of great locations in the area to take wedding photos and the venue itself is really easy to work in. For their bridal photos we headed down to Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve where we used the beach as well as the fynbos vegetation as a backdrop. It was an incredibly easy shoot as both the bride and groom ( apart from being very photogenic ) were really fun and easy to work with. Thanks to all the people from Uitenhage as well as La Colline for a smooth wedding that delivered some really beautiful photos.

Alt_NR_wedding_image_3 Alt_NR_wedding_image_10 Alt_NR_wedding_image_13 Alt_NR_wedding_image_20 Alt_NR_wedding_image_29 Alt_NR_wedding_image_53 Alt_NR_wedding_image_80 Alt_NR_wedding_image_88 Alt_NR_wedding_image_90 Alt_NR_wedding_image_122 Alt_NR_wedding_image_134 Alt_NR_wedding_image_135 Alt_NR_wedding_image_181 Alt_NR_wedding_image_190 Alt_NR_wedding_image_192 Alt_NR_wedding_image NR_wedding_image_35 NR_wedding_image_62 NR_wedding_image_70 NR_wedding_image_83 NR_wedding_image_92 NR_wedding_image_95 NR_wedding_image_96 NR_wedding_image_100 NR_wedding_image_126 NR_wedding_image_134 NR_wedding_image_136 NR_wedding_image_154 NR_wedding_image_162 NR_wedding_image_170 NR_wedding_image_332 NR_wedding_image_359 NR_wedding_image_366 NR_wedding_image_384 NR_wedding_image_396 NR_wedding_image_405 NR_wedding_image_452 NR_wedding_image_494 NR_wedding_image_496 NR_wedding_image_515 NR_wedding_image_555 NR_wedding_image_594 NR_wedding_image_623 NR_wedding_image_639 NR_wedding_image_642

Photographer: Henry Dillon
Photographic Assistant: Michele Hofer
Wedding Location: La Colline, Port Elizabeth


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