Anton & Jacqui’s Wedding in Kirkwood

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Orange blossoms must be one of my favorite scents. And Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape is loaded with orange trees. This is where Anton & Jacqui decided to have their wedding and say “I do” to each other. All overlooking the valley below in which Kirkwood lies. It was a beautiful wedding to photograph with such a varied landscape. Such a wonderful couple and amongst the majestic scent of orange blossoms. For the photos I chose a classic old look and feel that I have become very fond of over the years. Slightly desaturated, soft focus and often putting objects between my subject and the lens. This creates a voyeuristic sensation. We found a couple of old building as well as some long grass to shoot in. All in all great locations all in close proximity to each other. The wedding reception was held at a venue overlooking Kirkwood. A lovely setting with a beautiful view. Well done Anton & Jacqui, on choosing the setting and organizing your wedding. And most of all for being such genuinely cool people. Myself and Michele wish all the best for you guys in the future and thanks for letting us share your wedding day with you.

Anton & Jacqui’s Wedding ion Kirkwood

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Anton & Jacqui’s Wedding

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Videographer & Photographic Assistant: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location: Kirkwood, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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