Wedding in Jeffreys Bay – Clinton & Niva

Wedding in Jeffreys Bay

What an amazing wedding in Jeffreys Bay to photograph and video – the light was amazing, the location stunning, and Clinton & Niva were just a perfect fit for everything. Their wedding in Jeffreys Bay started in a small church just outside of Jeffreys Bay after which we went to an old abandoned farm house to take the bridal photos. [quote-float]”There are no words that could explain how happy we are with the wedding photos and the video is priceless. Thank you again for making our day super special”[/quote-float] I had been looking at this location for some time and finally got the opportunity to shoot it. At this point I would like to thank mother nature for making everything just perfect, zero wind and just the softest afternoon light 🙂 Doing a wedding  in Jeffreys Bay can be tricky as the wind can often blow unexpectedly but on this day we were totally blessed.

Thanks to Clinton & Niva for making myself and Michele  part of a very special wedding in Jeffreys Bay and letting us capture those amazing wedding memories for you guys. Click on the image to see more images photos from Clinton & Niva’s wedding.

Clinton-&-Niva_34 Clinton-&-Niva_39 Jeffreys Bay weding_43 Clinton-&-Niva_68 Clinton-&-Niva_88 Clinton-&-Niva_89 Clinton-&-Niva_93 Clinton-&-Niva_114 Clinton-&-Niva_119 Clinton-&-Niva_121 Clinton-&-Niva_133 Clinton-&-Niva_134 Clinton-&-Niva_136 Clinton-&-Niva_140 Clinton-&-Niva_141 Clinton-&-Niva_150 Clinton-&-Niva_163 Clinton-&-Niva_166 Clinton-&-Niva_172 Jeffreys Bay wedding photographer Clinton-&-Niva_176 Clinton-&-Niva_178 Clinton-&-Niva_180 Clinton-&-Niva_189b Jeffreys Bay weding_190 Jeffreys Bay weding_194 Clinton-&-Niva_196 Jeffreys Bay weding_197 Clinton-&-Niva_200 Clinton-&-Niva_206 Clinton-&-Niva_212 Clinton-&-Niva_217 Clinton-&-Niva_219 Clinton-&-Niva_222 Clinton-&-Niva_223 Clinton-&-Niva_240 Clinton-&-Niva_241 Jeffreys Bay weding_245 Wedding in Jeffreys Bay_260 Wedding in Jeffreys Bay Clinton-&-Niva_266 Clinton-&-Niva_268 Clinton-&-Niva_278 Clinton-&-Niva_283 Clinton-&-Niva_292 Clinton-&-Niva_299 Clinton-&-Niva_303 Jeffreys Bay weding_305 Clinton-&-Niva_311 Clinton-&-Niva_321

Clinton & Niva’s Wedding in Jeffreys Bay

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Videographer & Photographic Assistant: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location – Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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