Wedding in Jeffreys Bay – Clinton & Niva

Wedding in Jeffreys Bay – Clinton & Niva

What an amazing wedding in Jeffreys Bay to photograph and video – the light was amazing, the location stunning, and Clinton & Niva were just a perfect fit for everything. Their wedding in Jeffreys Bay started in a small church just outside of Jeffreys Bay after which we went to an old abandoned farm house to take the bridal photos.

"“There are no words that could explain how happy we are with the wedding photos and the video is priceless. Thank you again for making our day super special”"
I had been looking at this location for some time and finally got the opportunity to shoot it. At this point I would like to thank mother nature for making everything just perfect, zero wind and just the softest afternoon light 🙂 Doing a wedding  in Jeffreys Bay can be tricky as the wind can often blow unexpectedly but on this day we were totally blessed.

Thanks to Clinton & Niva for making myself and Michele  part of a very special wedding in Jeffreys Bay and letting us capture those amazing wedding memories for you guys. Click on the image to see more images photos from Clinton & Niva’s wedding.

Clinton-&-Niva_34 Clinton-&-Niva_39 Jeffreys Bay weding_43 Clinton-&-Niva_68 Clinton-&-Niva_88 Clinton-&-Niva_89 Clinton-&-Niva_93 Clinton-&-Niva_114 Clinton-&-Niva_119 Clinton-&-Niva_121 Clinton-&-Niva_133 Clinton-&-Niva_134 Clinton-&-Niva_136 Clinton-&-Niva_140 Clinton-&-Niva_141 Clinton-&-Niva_150 Clinton-&-Niva_163 Clinton-&-Niva_166 Clinton-&-Niva_172 Jeffreys Bay wedding photographer Clinton-&-Niva_176 Clinton-&-Niva_178 Clinton-&-Niva_180 Clinton-&-Niva_189b Jeffreys Bay weding_190 Jeffreys Bay weding_194 Clinton-&-Niva_196 Jeffreys Bay weding_197 Clinton-&-Niva_200 Clinton-&-Niva_206 Clinton-&-Niva_212 Clinton-&-Niva_217 Clinton-&-Niva_219 Clinton-&-Niva_222 Clinton-&-Niva_223 Clinton-&-Niva_240 Clinton-&-Niva_241 Jeffreys Bay weding_245 Wedding in Jeffreys Bay_260 Wedding in Jeffreys Bay Clinton-&-Niva_266 Clinton-&-Niva_268 Clinton-&-Niva_278 Clinton-&-Niva_283 Clinton-&-Niva_292 Clinton-&-Niva_299 Clinton-&-Niva_303 Jeffreys Bay weding_305 Clinton-&-Niva_311 Clinton-&-Niva_321

Clinton & Niva’s Wedding in Jeffreys Bay

Wedding Photographer – Henry Dillon
Wedding Video – Michele Hofer
Photographic Assistant – Michele Hofer
Wedding Location – Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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