Wedding Highlights Video of Tristan & Emma

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wedding highlights video of Tirstan & EmmaWe were fortunate to spend the day with Tristan & Emma on their wedding day. It was a beautiful wedding held in Port Elizabeth and the wedding highlights video captured some of their special moments. One of my the wedding highlights was definitely Tristan serenading his new bride on his guitar. Emma looked absolutely radiant and this was definitely a math made in heaven. Thanks guys for letting us capture these special memories and be part of your wedding day.

People often ask me whether I prefer photographing and filming weddings to doing commercial work. The truth is I enjoy both for different reasons. But being part of someones wedding day is personally more rewarding. Simply because you are involved with one of¬† the most important days in two peoples lives. It’s all about happiness and love. Whereas commercial work is all about making someone else money. Capturing emotions as they happen versus capturing something staged. So I would have to say weddings are simply more genuine… and that’s something I really do like. Especially living in a world where marketing and advertising¬† is not always the most honest and the truthful of crafts.

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