Wedding Day of Nathan & Athena

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Nathan & Athena’s wedding day was definitely a memory maker. It was held at Slipper Fields just outside of Port Elizabeth and if you want cows in your wedding day photos then this is the place. [quote-float]What a champion, wow amazing work brother thank you for capturing our amazing wedding day and all the work you’ve put into it. Much love and appreciation[/quote-float] Athena’s wedding day did definitely get off to the greatest start for when I got to her house she was still at the hair salon. She had also not yet been touched by her stylist. So to save time off to the hair salon we raced where we found a very nervous and anxious looking bride. But from a rocky start it gained momentum and turned out to be a perfectly magical wedding day. The weather played along most of the time but even when it did not the photos came out great. The soft rain created a mystical feel that was actually perfect for the location. The couple were extremely fun to photograph and one thing I really enjoyed was that Athena always knew where I was. On some wedding days there are so many photographers that the bride is not sure where to look. Athena always made sure my lens was the most important and it made such a difference. The only hickup of the wedding day was just before the throwing of the bouquet. We realized that it had been left at the location that we last photographed. Being the only person that could find the spot I dashed off and luckily the flowers were still there. Well done guys on a very successful wedding…  check out some of the photos below to get a feel of what their wedding day was like.

I really enjoyed the wedding day and would like to thank Nathan & Athena for letting me share it with them. I wish you both all the best for the future 🙂

Nathan & Athena’s Wedding Day Photos

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Wedding Location: Slipperfields , Eastern Cape, South Africa

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