“I do” in Port Elizabeth with Antonio & Nicole

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Being a Port Elizabeth Photographer I tend to do a lot of weddings in Port Elizabeth, and often I do more than one wedding for a specific family… Nicole was the second daughter to a wonderful family I had the privilege of photographing on her wedding day in Port Elizabeth.

[quote-float]I am in awe looking at the photos. You have the wonderful ability to capture all the nuances of the moment, from the tears to the laughter.[/quote-float]You get to know a family pretty well when you photograph their wedding, so when you do it the second time around you really get a chance to capture everyone’s different personality. It was a gorgeous day in Port Elizabeth when Antonio and Nicole said I do to each other. Nicole was as calm as a bowl of chilled vanilla custard, but as I have realized over the years the calmness slowly gives way to waves nervousness as the time draws closer to the wedding. This never really happened with Nicole who kept her radiant poise as she walked down the isle at Champagne Events to meet her husband to be Antonio. The groom on the other side was not a mirrored reflection of his brides calmness… I think it was a combination of being bowled over at how exquisite Nicole looked and just the simple gravity of the day. Once the tears had stopped flowing the ceremony commenced in the beautiful bamboo Forrest which Champagne Events has to offer. Great venue which I can honestly recommend to anyone who posses the slightest inclination of getting married.

After a truly wonderful wedding ceremony it was off to take some bridal photos of the newlyweds.  Some were taken down at the beach while some were taken along the route which led back to the expectant wedding guests. I have to thank Nicole’s father Harry for lending a crucial hand when I needed one of my flashes pointed on the right direction, and being a great human c-stand. I love the way the wedding photos came out – everything just fell into place perfectly. This was all of course followed by an unforgettable ceremony.

Well done to Antonio & Nicole on a smashing wedding day in Port Elizabeth. I wish you guys all the best for the future and and hope you both keep remain calm in that rock and roll thing called married life together. Thanks as well for letting me share your a wedding day with you for a second time.

Port Elizabeth Wedding of Antonio & Nicole


Port Elizabeth Photographer – Antonio & Nicole

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Wedding Location: Champagne Events, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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