Port Alfred Wedding – Mark & Michelle

Port Alfred Wedding - Henry Dillon Photo & Video

Mark & Michelle got married in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape. It was a incredibly hot summers day which turned into a hot summers night – perfect wedding conditions and perfect for the photography.

For the bridal photos Michelle wanted an old school look and feel, so I went with a French Street Photography theme – adding a vintage style just for extra measure. I always enjoy shooting in city streets and taking buildings which we normally take for granted and making something unique. It’s amazing what the right lighting and angle can do to an everyday setting. The most difficult thing about the shoot was to try and get Michelle ( the bride ) to stop laughing. The ceremony was held at My Pond Hotel in Port Alfred and a very lively reception was held at the Ski Boat Club. Well done to some of those karaoke singers and – well done on a fantastic wedding guys!

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Mark & Michelle’s wedding in Port Alfred

Photographer: Henry Dillon
Photographic Assistant: Michele Hofer
Location: Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa


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