Marryoke Wedding Video of Antonio & Shamon

Marryoke Wedding Video of Antonio & Shamon – East London

The word marryoke is derived from “marry” and “karaoke”, so you get marryoke. They are a great way of capturing your wedding day.
It turns your wedding video into a full on music video and makes all your friends and family who are in your wedding video feel like rock stars. It also helps those wedding guests who a feel uncomfortable or awkward in front of a camera to be more relaxed. It allows people to bring out their humorous side as well… so be prepared fun tons of fun moments that you never thought people were capable of.

What we generally suggest is that you decide who it is that you want in your marryoke video. Also decided on what song you are going to use in your marryoke video. Then make sure that all the people you want in the video receive a copy of the song so that they can learn all the words. We take it from there and make sure they give you a performance of a lifetime. There are so many different ways to go about making a wedding video and we don’t just use one recipe. it all depends on the song and who is in front of the camera at what time. But it really is one of the best ways to make everyone feel as though they are an important part of your wedding day.

We do quite a few ,music videos each year so for us it really is a great combination between a wedding video and a music video….. it’s the marryoke video.

So why not try a marryoke….. pick your song and get your guests to start miming 🙂

Thank you so much to Antonio & Shamon as well as all your wedding guests for letting us share wedding day with you, as wel as making your video so much fun to create. All the best for the future 🙂

Wedding Video of Antonio & Shamon

Wedding Videographers: Henry & Michele Dillon
Wedding Location: Gonubie Manor, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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