Kareedouw Wedding of Dane & Maria

Kareedouw Wedding of Dane & Maria

Take two beautiful people. Put them in a beautiful environment. Bless them with perfect weather. Surround them with all the people they care most about. Sprinkle the entire affair with tons of love…. and you get the wedding of Dane and Maria in Kareedouw.

Kareedouw Wedding Video of Dane & Maria – Assegaaibosch

We arrived at Assegaaibosch in Kareedouw to find a very excited and beautiful looking bride, with plenty of people running around making their final preparations for the big day. I always find it so amazing that no matter what anybody does or how hard they try. They can never out do a bride on her wedding day. It’s not the makeup or the dress, it just the pure excitement that radiates from her that is impossible to compete with.

The wedding ceremony as well as the reception were held at Assegaaibosch in Kareedouw. A stunning venue that has loads of options for wedding photography. The little chapel that they have is also wonderfully tucked into the forest so it has a incredibly serene feeling about it. The wedding was a very much Greek affair with lots of plate breaking which at one point made me feel like I was in a war zone and Katusha Rockets were exploding all around. It’s advisable that when you are

"Our photos and video were beyond our expectations and we are so chuffed with the results! A really talented team. Thank you guys! Xxx"
between Greek people and they are throwing plates around that you wear some goggles, at the least. After a beautiful ceremony we took all the bridal photos at the venue itself, and with such wonderful people with so many beautiful backdrops its hard to go wrong.

All in all a magical day for two magical people… a better wedding they could not have asked for. Well done Dane & Maria on your special wedding day in Kareedouw, thanks also for letting us share it with you and may the future be one ridiculously fun roller coaster ride 🙂

Kareedouw Wedding of Dane & Maria



Kareedouw Wedding Day – Dane & Maria

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Wedding Videographer: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location:
Assegaaibosch, Kareedouw, Eastern Cape, South Africa

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