[quote-float]“There are no words that could explain how happy we are with the wedding photos and the video is priceless. Thank you again for making our day super special.”[/quote-float]Jeffreys Bay wedding videoWhat an epic day shared with two wonderful people. Clinton & Niva’s Jeffreys Bay wedding video was shot on a perfect day. It started off in a small chapel between Jeffreys Bay & Humansdorp in the Eastern Cape. From there we went to an old farm house where we took the bridal photos. It was an amazing evening and the sky was just superb. The farm house was one I had often driven past and was really stoked to get the chance to shot there. And this is something I love about small towns. All you have to do is ask the farmer politely and he will give you free reign to his farm. We got some great shots and Clinton & Niva and their wedding video came out great. I love doing wedding videos in Jeffreys Bay because it also means I don’t have to travel very far. I love to travel but sometimes it’s nice to do some work in your own back yard.

The reception was a serious party. Plenty of tequila and I’m sure some serious hangovers the next morning. Thanks guys for making us part of your day. And I love the way your photos and your wedding video came out. To view more photo’s from Clinton  & Niva’s Jeffreys Bay wedding click here.

Jeffreys Bay Wedding Video

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Photographic Video: Michele Dillon
Wedding Location: Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa