On a rainy day we sat down to write the page “About us”, we laughed so much at our opinions of each other that we almost could not write this page… short of this paragraph but, here we are, being serious! Our story in short.

We are Henry Dillon and Michele Dillon and we have been working together in the creative process of visual media for the past ten years. We do just about everything together and love what we do everyday. Capturing images in the form of Photography and Video is a passion and our love of working with people makes going to work in our down stairs studio and on various locations to produce the final product that you see here today on this photographic website an awesome way to spend the day. We feel very blessed to be doing something which we love and that makes people happy.

Our working philosophy is to have an adventure in everything we do, to bring out the best in the people we work with, and to capture the moments that create memories through the creative art of Photography – with Henry behind the lens and the real life moments of video recorded by Michele.

We studied visual media together in Cape Town; and that’s where we met and our adventures begun. We have since worked, lived and played in Cape Town, Johannesburg, as well as abroad, and now in the beautiful Eastern Cape where we base ourselves and call home. We work all over South Africa and the world and as you guessed have a zeal for travel and new places.

We not only support each other in our chosen media, Henry with photographic images and Michele with video but also assist each other on shoots in a way that only a couple that has worked together for as long as we have ,through everything can understand each others skills and focus on strengths that make as laugh and grow.

Henry Dillon

Henry Dillon is a photographer who has a raw talent that has been refined over many years of shooting wedding photography as well as other forms of commercial photography, from street scenes to the industrial as well as product and magazines, not to mention his documentary photography that hangs in numerous houses across South Africa and Europe.
Henry’s ability to interpret a concept and find the moment within that gives the feel to his wedding photography of moments in memory’s that where never intruded by the photographer but some how materialized. Henry Dillon has the skill to create a situation that leads to another that provides the perfect photographic environment for the couple or people to be themselves. He is easy going with a caring nature that brings out the best in people. Henry has a sensitivity to his work that produces photographic images that are not only beautiful, but photographs that make you look and see, then want to look at them all over again. It is not only fun to work with him it is also a trip and a privilege.

Michele Dillon

Michele Dillon takes on the roll of video and photography assistant, she is the all seeing eye. she is fun with a silly sense of humor that creates a sense of calm and relaxes even the most nervous bride, groom or family. Her love of moving imagery means she is always looking for new ways to capture real life situations. Her sensitivity to the moments makes it feel as if she is never there with a camera in your face and this translates into her editing in which she pieces the video together to produce the voice and feel of your wedding day that is unique to you.

We would like to say thanks for visiting our wedding website and hope these photographs and videos have brought you as much inspiration as they did to us when we created them.

Leave us a note or get in touch we would love to hear from you.

The visual image, perceived through the eye, which is an extension of the brain, is the most direct, powerful sense a human being possesses.  It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the visual image!  Whether still or moving, images convey a multitude of messages for a multitude of purposes, from the purely artistic to the informative and opinion forming.  Henry Dillon has brought years of experience and expertise, state-of-art equipment and a vigorous energy to his unique, distinctive visual aesthetic.  His commitment to excellence and the integrity of his vision ensures that his images will always meet your needs, often to a far higher degree than you would have imagined!

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