Corporate Video Productions have never been more popular with so many choices for distribution channels. From internal communication videos, marketing videos, training videos,  advertisements, events, brand activations, productions for broadcast and even music videos. We do it all.

The Process of the Corporate Video with our clients.

The corporate video process consists of concept, pre-production, production and finally the post production phase of the project. These three production phases are what enables the final visual corporate video production to reach its intended audience communicating, educating and engaging across the screen. All these phases of the production are done in house with our production team.


The first step to the production process is understanding our Client’s business needs. We address certain questions prior to any work, such as: What is your mission (and vision) of your business?, What do you hope to achieve from your business within 5-10 years?, What are you communicating? To whom are you communicating?, Who is your targeted demographic group? After a message, target and distribution platform are clearly defined, we work with our clients to formulate a creative brief. This is then interpreted into the corporate video visual image through story boarding and scripting. We start from scratch with every production, because every corporate video is unique with a specific message for your company attached.

Production and Post Production

The Second phase of the corporate video production is the journey of the filming process also known as production. This is where all the ideas are carried out in front of the camera and the process starts to come to life. The final stage is post production which is editing and sound production where the corporate video comes to life as music, graphics animation and any other visual aids are added. This phase is as exciting as the message starts to develop and the corporate video production story is told.Some of our clients include

Simply Asia

Music Video for promotional purposes. Shot on location at a Simply Asia in Port Elizabeth.

Hello Conversation

Product: Sasko
Corporate Video Production: Direct Marketing

Siyaya Skills Institute

Product: Training
Corporate Video Production: Internal Project Communication

 Corporate Video Production Port Elizabeth
Joint Venture Trust

Watch Video
Product: Joint Venture process
Corporate Video Production: Documentary
Watch Video

Corporate Video Production Client_1
Play Ball

Product: Sports Game
Corporate Video Production: Visual Tutorial “how to”

 Corporate Traimimg Video Port Elizabeth

Product: MNT Roll out
Corporate Video Production: Marketing Video