In our wedding blog you can view some of our latest weddings and maybe get some ideas for your wedding day. You can also share some of the moments that made each wedding special. Our approach to capturing your wedding day is never formulaic because the essence of your wedding is you. And you are unique. Every couple has their own unique personality and it is this uniqueness that we aim our best to capture. We try to avoid contrived moments and will never as you to do something that is not natural to you. Our mantra… if you feel comfortable and relaxed you’ll look comfortable and relaxed. Our photography and video styles are very much documentary in nature and never forced. So read through our blog, check out some wedding photos as well as wedding videos and start getting really excited about your wedding day. And feel free to contact us anytime.

Wedding photo of Jacqui & Anton in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape - South Africa

Anton & Jacqui's Wedding in Kirkwood

Orange blossoms must be one of my favorite scents. And Kirkwood in the Eastern Cape is loaded with orange trees. This is where Anton & Jacqui decided to have their wedding and say "I do" to each other. All overlooking the valley below in…