Cape st francis wedding – Werner & Yolandie

Cape st francis wedding - Henry Dillon Photo & Video

Werner and Yolandie were a young couple from Gauteng that decided to have a classic Cape St Francis wedding in the Eastern Cape. Their wedding ceremony and reception were held on the beach near Seal Point – and what a day it was. Barely a breath of wind and under perfectly clear blue skies the two of them said “I do” to each other. The ocean was also just to perfect on the day and before we knew it the couple were in the water having their bridal photos taken. Most of the bridal photos were taken at the Seal Point Light House, which is a photographic location that always delivers beautiful and interesting shots. If you are having a Cape st Francis wedding consider it as a photographic location as it is also quite sheltered from the wind when it blows from the west.

I even used my mothers old fold up bicycle for some of these Cape st Francis wedding images. The wedding video also came out really great, shooting video on the beach is always a headache, I am always so scared that sand is going to get into my gear but fortunately the wind stayed away fro the day.

I really enjoyed the wedding shoot as the couple were up for anything, and for the post production I went for a semi bleached out look to give the feel of Polaroids with slightly washed out colours.

I wish you both all the best for the future and thanks for a really great Cape st Francis wedding… and a great great day on the beach 🙂

Werner_Yolandie_19 Werner_Yolandie_23 Werner_Yolandie_36 Werner_Yolandie_38 Werner_Yolandie_51 Werner_Yolandie_67 Werner_Yolandie_72 Werner_Yolandie_74 Werner_Yolandie_76 Werner_Yolandie_147 Werner_Yolandie_204 Werner_Yolandie_208 Werner_Yolandie_210 Werner_Yolandie_232 Cape st Francis wedding_242 Cape st Francis wedding Werner_Yolandie_263 Werner_Yolandie_316 Werner_Yolandie_324 Cape st Francis wedding_325 Werner_Yolandie_328 Werner_Yolandie_337 Cape st Francis weddinge_344 Werner_Yolandie_353 Cape st Francis wedding_357 Cape st Francis wedding_360 Werner_Yolandie_366 Werner_Yolandie_378 Werner_Yolandie_382 Werner_Yolandie_387 Werner_Yolandie_389 Cape st Francis wedding_399 Werner_Yolandie_402 Cape st Francis wedding_405 Werner_Yolandie_509 Werner_Yolandie_535 Cape st Francis wedding_542 Cape st Francis wedding_544 Werner_Yolandie_568 Werner_Yolandie_573 Werner_Yolandie_579 Werner_Yolandie_584

Cape st Francis Wedding

Wedding Photographer: Henry Dillon
Photographic Assistant: Michele Hofer
Wedding Location: Cape St Francis, Eastern Cape

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