It all happened at the Cape St Francis Resort on a perfectly sunny day. If a photo paints 1000 words then I should have to paint 62 000 words. Because that is how may images have been uploaded to this page dedicated to Christoff & Claudia to celebrate their amazing wedding held in Cape St Francis.

Christoff arrived to collect his bride and the expression on his face was simply priceless…. and who could blame him. Claudia looked like a radiant angel sent down to remind us angels do exist. I personally never need any reminding as I am married to one myself. But we jumped right into getting photo’s of the two of them as well as all their brides and brides maids. A very fun group of people who were all just so stoked to be sharing this special day with someone they love.  After a couple of photo’s taken up at the Links we shot down to the beach in Cape st Francis where we had even more fun.