Bridal Preparation Photography

Bridal preparation photography is always a tricky one. Everyone is equally nervous and excited and time fly’s by faster than you think. My main aim during this period is not get in the way, and still manage to get those moments that you don’t realize I’m photographing. Its often the first time that we get to meet the bridal party and so it takes a while for them to get comfortable with us shooting them. A lot also depends on where you are getting ready, some bides choose very small dark rooms to get ready in and that does make things a little trickier. ButI’m never that worried about the bridal preparation photography as the most important thing is to get the bride to where she needs to be – looking as amazing as possible. I do aim to get some group portraiture of the bridal party as well as the bride of course. But that all depends on time and is things are going smoothly with all the preparations. Half our job is also to keep everyone calm and keep an eye on the clock. I’ve done weddings where the bride has arrived 3 hours late because of bad time management and bad planing from their side. But we always roll with the punches and we always get the shots.