Beach Wedding in Jeffreys Bay

Beach Wedding Photo Shoot by Henry Dillon Photo & Video

This was a beach wedding photo shoot that we did for Tanya Grabe in Jeffreys Bay. It was a beautiful morning on the beach with not a breath of wind. Perfect for a beach wedding photo shoot.Tanya wanted to do a beach wedding styled photo shoot on the beach in Jeffreys bay and when she told me her idea – I was in. I have always enjoyed working with her as she really has some great ideas. Always fresh and her enthusiasm for what she does is super contagious. The two girls we shot had never modeled before and and were a slight bit nervous. But as soon as the camera started shooting they were perfectly chilled. We played around with a coupe of ideas that Tanya really wanted to try. With the combination of perfect weather, beautiful girls and a beautiful beach how can you go wrong. I have a love hat relationship with doing beach weddings as they more than often don’t turn out the way you imagine. There is just so much that can go wrong on a beach wedding shoot. The wind can blow – which is the main problem. And if the wind blows from the sea onto the land then a thin film of mist develops on your camera lens. Added with the sand that gets everywhere, its just a menace. Often its also too bright to really control the light. So you have do shoot in the morning or late afternoon, or have your flash pack, which gets full of sand. Its often hot on a beach wedding shoot so make up begins to run. And the list goes on. But sometimes on a beach shoot everything comes together and it just comes out beautifully. I would have to say that this was one of those times.

Thanks to the beautiful models for their time and for mother nature for playing along. And shot to Tanya Grabe for pulling us in on this beach photo shoot in Jeffreys Bay :)… I love your work girl.

Beach Wedding Photo Shoot

Beach Wedding Shoot by:

Photographer: Henry Dillon
Photographic assistant: Michele Hofer
Styled by: Tanya Grabe
Make up by:
Models: Rochelle Human

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